Investment Objective

The Investment Objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve medium to long term capital growth over three (3) to five (5) years.

Investment Policy

The Investment Manager shall invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of listed transferable securities including equities and debt securities, listed money market instruments, FDIs and eligible ETFs. The Investment Manager may invest in these asset classes either directly or indirectly through UCITS Funds and/or eligible non UCITS Funds.

The Sub-Fund may invest in corporate and/or sovereign bonds of any credit rating. The Sub-Fund may also invest a small portion of its assets in non-rated bonds. The bond portfolio of the Sub-Fund is expected to have an average duration of one (1) to seven (7) years.

The Sub-Fund may engage in exchange traded FDIs and/or OTC derivatives.

The investment process will be based on a combination of quantitative analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The Sub-Fund is not expected to have any bias towards any specific industrial, geographic or other market sector; provided that the Investment Manager will principally target equities listed on European and US stock exchanges.

The Sub-Fund will generally invest in assets denominated in EUR, CHF and USD. The Investment Manager shall manage credit risk and will aim to minimise volatility through credit analysis and diversification over a broad base of issuers, industries and geographies.

For temporary or defensive purposes, the Sub-Fund may invest in short-term fixed income instruments, money market funds and cash and cash equivalents.

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